Stamp Duty

For sales completing on or after 1st April 2016, buy to let buyers with investments or second homes will become liable to pay the additional 3% stamp duty land tax (SDLT) for purchases over £40,000. This is over and above the current SDLT levy.


The table below shows the SDLT payable on a range of prurchase prices for individuals buying buy to let investments or second homes.

Purchase Price          SDLT completions pre 1/4/2016            SDLT completions from 1/04/2016

£50,000                          £0                                                                         £1,500.00

£125,000                        £0                                                                          £3,750.00

£250,000                       £2,500.00                                                            £10,000.00

£500,000                       £15,000.00                                                          £30,000.00

£1,000,000                   £43,750.00                                                           £73,750.00

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